About Us

The Limitless Leadership Group is a gathering of believers bound together by the love of God and the commitment to serve the Lord and His people, with our talents, skills, knowledge and networks, as He gives us the grace and opportunities. Our desire is to be a blessing to the people that we come in contact with, striving to influence them positively, in our drive to make sustainable impact in the marketplace.

In furthering that desire, we come together as a body of believers to learn and grow together every Monday evening in the course of our Limitless Leadership Chats. These interactive chats, which are designed to equip believers to make real impact, focus on personal development, effective leadership, Christian conduct, skill enhancement, promotional relationships, empowering self and others, talent nurturing, leveraging opportunities and building circles of influence, among others.

Beyond our Monday evening chats, we ensure that we relate with one another as caring brothers and sisters, lifting one another up in any and every perceived area of need.

We understand that we are truly stronger together, and have resolved to be used by the almighty God to help unlock and unleash one another’s potentials. That is our commitment to one another.

The Limitless Leadership Group is not an exclusive group. The group welcomes all true believers that are aligned with our mission of equipping ourselves for sustainable marketplace impact, primarily by being willing vessels of the Lord Jesus Christ to be a blessing to others. We therefore welcome all believers whose personal and relationship values are rooted in the Word of God, especially about serving the Lord and His people truthfully, selflessly and wholeheartedly.